A Transforming Vision


A Transforming Vision demonstrates why Christian communities should be multiethnic and provides a practical vision of how that can take place. The contributing authors worked together in an intentional multiethnic fellowship at Amherst College, and each of them was transformed by that experience. Here they combine personal experience with biblical insight and research on multiracial churches to offer an indispensible guide to multiethnic ministry for church and campus leaders. The lessons they learned will be deeply relevant to leaders in a variety of church, parachurch and campus settings.

Paul Sorrentino is Director of Religious Life at Amherst College and a regional coordinator with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.   He is ordained with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference and serves on the faculty of Bethel Seminary of the East. Paul holds degrees from The University of Rhode Island, the University of Chicago, Bethel Seminary of the East, and Princeton Theological Seminary.